Andrej Belic : Undersea Photography

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Andrej Belic‘s photos from the deep.

A better look at viruses through code

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New software developed by Purdue University’s Wen Jiang enables scientists to observe viruses at an unprecedented level of detail.

“While before we could only see virus parts that were symmetric, we can now see those that have non-symmetric structures, such as portions of the one our paper focuses on, the Epsilon 15 virus that attacks salmonella. . .This software will enable a substantial expansion of what we can see and study. We remain limited to observing those viruses that are identical from one individual viral particle to the next — which, sadly, is still only a small portion of the viral species that are out there. But it is a major step forward toward our goal of seeing them all.”

[press release]

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The Adaptation of my Generation

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The Adaptation of my Generation, by Jonathan Keller is a daily portrait project started in 1998. Check out his links page to many other ‘passage of time’ and obsessive photo projects.

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Live Local Bird's Eye View

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When Windows Live Local says bird’s eye, they really mean bird’s eye. Check out the incredible high-resolution bird’s eye views on Live Local for yourself.


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ONERA – S1Ch | Laurent Thion‘s set of fullscreen QTVR shots from inside a wind tunnel at Office National d’Études et de Recherches Aérospatiales

VRMAG : Issue 22

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QTVR Galore! VRMAG is now at issue 22 with many more QTVR environments you won’t find with an image search and an old but still incredible 3d interface.

Microscopic Wood Anatomy

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The Microscopic Wood Anatomy of Central European species website hosts a giant archive of high resolution images open to the public. The index is a continuation of the book by Schweingruber F.H., 1990: Microscopic Wood Anatomy; Structural variability of stems and twigs in recent and subfossil woods from Central Europe. 3rd edition 1990. Birmensdorf, Eidgenössische Forschungsanstalt WSL.

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Google Earth + National Geographic

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Just switch on the National Geographic Magazine layer in Google Earth and get ready to browse through articles and 500 stunning Megaflyover images photographed by Mike Fay on his journey across Africa.

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Tactile Photography

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The always interesting James Patten in collaboration with Mariliana Arvelo have created this series of tactile photographic prints as part of a project about the deafblind community in Boston, called “Senses”. The works are produced through a CNC laser etching process that removes the top portion of the wood. The darker the image is a any particular point, the more wood is removed by the laser at that point. The result is a photographic relief that can be touched as well as seen. [gallery]


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Shapeshifter by Anova Design is an interactive camera and large screen display that captures a participant’s body in timed slices to be stored and recombined with others.

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