E-Flux : An Image Bank for Everyday Revolutionary Life

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An Image Bank for Everyday Revolutionary Life is a multi-phase project that begins as an online photographic archive, produced and presented by e-flux, and makes publicly available for the first time over five thousand images from the 20th century. The source for this material is the collection of Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros, who compiled the photographs over the course of his own extraordinary life.

Thanks, Anna.

Performance Relighting and Reflectance Transformation

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Performance Relighting and Reflectance Transformation with Time-Multiplexed Illumination is new a technique that allows lighting and reflectance of the captured subject to be dramatically modified in post-production to reconstruct different lighting environments or stylize the subjects lighting and reflectance. The method uses a high-speed video camera and a spherical array of LED light sources to create 152 lighting directions captured every 24th of a second. [video] [paper]

Timescope : ART+COM

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ART+COM‘s Timescope, re presents the past city-scapes of Berlin through a digitally augmented telescope. The “timescope” can be used for a wide range of purposes: it can be set up for use with tourist sites such as the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate or the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church for example, giving visitors the chance to get a closer view of how these locations looked in the past. The “timescope” can also be used for large-scale building projects. In such cases it can be used not only to show how a building project has progressed, but also to show how a building will look in the future. Additionally, it can be used at geological interesting sites, enabling viewers to perceive natural history visually.

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Zoological Museum Amsterdam

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Zoological Museum Amsterdam curates more than 13 million animal specimens, some of which can be viewed online. There’s a section with 3D images of 151 bird specimens and a great introduction to the phylum porifera (sponges).


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Ingenious is a new website that brings together images and viewpoints to create insights into science and culture. It weaves unusual and thought-provoking connections between people, innovations and ideas. The “See” section host over 30,000 images collected from the Science Museum, the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, the National Railway Museum, the Science & Society Picture Library and the Science Museum Library.

Giant Magellan Telescope Begins

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Production on the Giant Magellan Telescope has begun with the casting of its 7 mirrors which will act as a single mirror with a diameter of 83 feet (25.4 meters) giving the telescope 10 times the resolution of the Hubble Telescope. Completion of the telescope is expected by 2016.

via New Scientist

Statscan Critical Imaging System : Full Body X-Ray

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Using a flexible format digital radiography (DR) system, the Statscan Critical Imaging System by Lodox can quickly scan a patient’s entire body without transferring the patient to a dedicated gurney. The system also lowers the X-ray dose to 25% compared to equivalent techniques.

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Art of Science Competition Gallery

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The 2005 Art of Science Competition at Princeton University celebrates the work from various individuals involved in the sciences at Princeton. The result is a stunning display of patterns and imagery produced in the world of micro / macro research and thorough examination of physical phenomena.

(Image: The Hell, Shufeng Bai GS, Department of Electrical Engineering)


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Exactitudes is the work of Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek. Their series of portraits document and classify the homogeneous dress codes within subcultures and group identities. (I know. It’s old. But it’s new for me.)

Capsule Endoscope by Olympus

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Olympus Medical Systems has a new capsule endoscope with some advanced features including a self-propelled electro magnetic guidance system, a wireless power supply system, a drug delivery system, body fluid sampling technology, and ultrasound capabilities. [press release]

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