Intolerable Beauty : Portraits of American Mass Consumption

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Chris Jordan’s photography captures the climate of American consumption with Reggio-esque beauty and revelation.

More images from the
Paul Kopeikin Gallery
(LA) on view until March 12, 2005.

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Ultra High Resolution Camera

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Graham Flint’s one of a kind camera is capable of capturing images at 4 gigapixels, an image large enough to print at 10 by 20 feet matching the quality of a 4×6 print from a 3 megapixel camera. Check out the image gallery and zoom in farther than your eye could see.

Gigapxl Project via Wired

Building for Pinholes

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During art school (Utrecht, the Netherlands) one of Bethany’s main activities was creating settings, which she then photographed. With an ordinary camera the images remained too distant. Her objective was to create a “realistic” imaginary world, in which one can supposedly wander around. While the actual size of these models makes it impossible, Pinhole photography is able to capture this feeling.
Her inspiration stems from objects she may find or materials that appeal to her. Often her ideas contain elements from fairy-tales. The story is neither conventional nor predictable though, the images can be interpreted in many ways.

Bethany’s pictures radiate a fairy-tale atmosphere. A close-up perspective causes an unusual reality to emerge. Because of this, lifeless materials come to life while living matter is taken out of its ordinary context and is transformed into an almost static still life.

Be sure to check out the meat section.

Pinhole Pictures

Microscopic Photography

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kidney glomerulus

Our aim as a two-person team of photographer and biologist is to
combine scientific exactness with aesthetic appearances thereby
helping to bridge the gap between the world of science and the
world of art. Our commitment is to the evidence of scientific
investigation but also to the use of colour as a creative and harmonious
tool to achieve beauty. In the combination of the aesthetics and the science
we hope to inspire the public. Day by day, in a world beyond human vision, we
explore fascinating forms and structures.

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