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Genometri‘s Gennovate (alpha) is a generative software package that can generate hundreds of variations on objects modeled in SolidWorks. The company’s site is low on specifics, but could be promising if the software is capable of taking a variety of model-types (parametric or non-parametric) into a quick generative study.

Generative Tag

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Agents in this Processing sketch adaptively become better players of tag over generations. [launch]

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Flight Patterns

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Aaron Koblin‘s Flight Patterns takes data from the FAA and parses them into a series of beautiful visualizations through Processing. [overview video] [3D blobular visualization]

Bioconductor : Open Source Bioinformatics

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Bioconductor is an open source and open development software project for the analysis and comprehension of genomic data. The project, written for the R language environment, aims to provide a variety of visualizations for the analysis of genomic data. [download]

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ArchiKluge : Evolutionary Architectural Diagrams

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ArchiKluge by Pablo Miranda Carranza (army of clerks), implements a Steady State Genetic Algorithm with Tournament Selection for an exploration into the “automatic design” of architectural diagrams. The program breeds, combines and mutates the genetic code of the 4x4x4 cell lattice in search for the most optimized form, in this case, a fitness function of “cells with other cells as far as possible from themselves (but still reachable). ”

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Evolvica is an experimental open source Java framework for developing evolutionary algorithms based on the Eclipse platform. Users can create algorithms visually with user defined operators and sprint through generations of evolution to ultimate perfection.

3D LED Matrix

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James Clar’s latest generation 3D Display Cube is a hand-made LED display matrix of 1000 white LEDs. The matrix incorporates software developed by Josh Nimoy to display Photoshop and Aftereffects files as well as 3D animations and a 3D Pong game. [video] [shop]

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Genetic Explorer

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GNOM‘s latest genetic network explorer combines the oracle (circular) and landscape (nodal) interfaces to represent the structural description and functional relations of Escherichia Coli genes.

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Sketches by Pop Music

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Jake Elliott‘s pop sketch series translates pop songs into doodles by translating pitch into angles and volume into length. [launch applet]

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Making Visible the Invisible

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“Making Visible the Invisible� is an installation consisting of 6 large LCD screens located on a glass wall horizontally behind the librarians’ main information desk in the Mixing Chamber of the Seattle Central Library. . .The screens feature real-time calculated animation visualizations generated by custom designed statistical and algorithmic software using data received each hour. This data consists of a list of checked-out items organized in chronological order.

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