High-Rise Cemeteries

April 7th, 2005 | Filed under: Architecture, Future, News, Sustainability | 3 Comments »

Government officials in Hong Kong are looking for solutions to their growing need of spaces for the dead (which will run out in 2007). One solution is to build high-rise columbaria. Stacking the dead isn’t new (ex: stacked graves of Chile), but an acceptance of stacking the dead into a high-rise fashion would be a significant shift in our relationship to death and the dead.

via BBC | Thanks,JB.

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One Minute Battery Charge by Toshiba

March 29th, 2005 | Filed under: Fabrication Tech, Materials, News, Sustainability | 3 Comments »

Toshiba’s new Lithium-Ion Super Charge Battery boasts an 80% capacity charge in 60 seconds and just a few more minutes for a full charge lasting considerably longer than regular lithium-ion batteries.

via The Register

Cueva Carramaiza : Cave Houses for Sale

March 29th, 2005 | Filed under: Architecture, Sustainability, Urbanism | 7 Comments »

Purchase your own cavehouse at Cueva Carramaiza and live hobbit-style. The house comes complete with a mosaic bath, a large reception room with an open fire, a relaxation area and an original bread oven.

via space and culture

Container City

March 29th, 2005 | Filed under: Architecture, Building Tech, Pre-Fab, Sustainability, Urbanism | 6 Comments »

Here’s another shipping container housing strategy. With 4 unique shipping container projects under their belt, Urban Space Management is proving the flexibility of recycled containers. Nicholas Lacey’s designs recycle 100% of the shipping containers, look great, build fast, and are affordable. What more could you want? One example on containercity.com shows a small classroom addition assembled in a day!

Nanosolar : Printing Photovoltaic Sheets

March 7th, 2005 | Filed under: Fabrication Tech, Nanotech, Products, Sustainability | 7 Comments »


Nanosolar Inc. claims to have broken several barriers to ubiquitous solar energy.  Their manufacturing process consists of printing nano-scaled solar-cell layers, bypassing the traditionally expensive vacuum methods yet meeting and in some cases, exceeding industry standards.  Major claims include a 3 week payback time and lightweight flexible panels.

Corrugated Cardboard Mania

March 2nd, 2005 | Filed under: Building Tech, Fabrication Tech, Materials, Products, Sustainability | 1 Comment »

Recycling cardboard is so 90’s. Reuse it! Make some furniture, a boat, a robot or a house!

Cardboard Folders | Designboom’s cardboard folding chairs competition

Recycle Robot
| Dan Paluska’s 90% recycled cardboard robot.

Box Doodle | Cardboard art

[retur] Design Sweden | cardboard furniture

The Cardboard House | A $35,000 house by Stutchbury + Pape and Col James

Paper Loghouse |
Shigeru Ban’s cardboard emergency shelter (more on Shigeru Ban)

Everything Corrugated
| A collection of links to more cardboard projects.

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Material Exploring

February 26th, 2005 | Filed under: Architecture, Design, Materials, Sustainability | No Comments »

Here are some great resources on the internet for designers and architects to find fabrication materials.

Material Explorer
| Materia’s detailed material spec + search site.

Ecospecifier | Product search according to sustainability type.

Design Insite | Browse product and material cross references.

Material Connexion | Innovative material online database and showroom locations.

demi | Sustainable materials.

indes | Sustainable materials.

via Worldchanging

Intolerable Beauty : Portraits of American Mass Consumption

February 25th, 2005 | Filed under: Photography, Sustainability, Urbanism | 1 Comment »

Chris Jordan’s photography captures the climate of American consumption with Reggio-esque beauty and revelation.

More images from the
Paul Kopeikin Gallery
(LA) on view until March 12, 2005.

Related : Edward Burtynsky Photography

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Elephant Poop = Paper

February 22nd, 2005 | Filed under: Materials, Products, Sustainability, Technology | 12 Comments »

Elephant Dung Paper has a small selection of paper products made out of 100% dung. The low-tech ultra-sustainable process begins with collecting the dung, consisting of mostly fiber, then some thorough washing, add some color, sift, dry, sand, cut, done. There’s no bleaching or additive, just pure elephant dung. mm. mmmm…

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Chicken Feather Composites

February 22nd, 2005 | Filed under: Fabrication Tech, Materials, Products, Sustainability | No Comments »

Richard Wool, at the University of Delaware, has a proposal to use the yearly 5 billion pounds of wasted chicken feathers in the United States to make an assortment of commercial materials from circuit boards to light weight carbon fiber.

The Forest Products Laboratory is also looking into using chicken feathers as an alternative to MDF (medium density fiberboard), which is currently made by a process of mixing wood fiber (wood cells), resin, and heat. (EcoComp report pdf)

via Washington Post | Wired

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