Days in a Day

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| DAYS IN A DAY | by Une Heure Cinq constructs a story through snippets in Flash. Brown, a primate with an existential crisis, wanders through a city or “monkeys in an anthill”.”When I was young I would have never imagined to belong to an insects society, I wanted to be a mountains gorilla.”

Pyron Solar Electric Generator

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Pyron Solar Inc.‘s (San Diego, CA) new Pyron Solar Electric Generator, runs at less than $3 per Watt with 1/4 to 1/20 the size of other systems. Pyron’s system works by concentrating direct sunlight 400X into its photovoltaic cells. Projections by Pyron estimate possible costs for large power plants at $1.24 per Watt and enough efficiency to power the entire US with a 50 square mile plot of land in the desert southwest.

A similar idea, at a larger scale, is being researched by Materialab (at RPI) as a curtain wall system with embedded Fresnel lenses that track and concentrate sunlight into PV cells. [article]

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Timescope : ART+COM

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ART+COM‘s Timescope, re presents the past city-scapes of Berlin through a digitally augmented telescope. The “timescope” can be used for a wide range of purposes: it can be set up for use with tourist sites such as the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate or the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church for example, giving visitors the chance to get a closer view of how these locations looked in the past. The “timescope” can also be used for large-scale building projects. In such cases it can be used not only to show how a building project has progressed, but also to show how a building will look in the future. Additionally, it can be used at geological interesting sites, enabling viewers to perceive natural history visually.

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iSee : Getting Away with Murder

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Surveillance in public urban environments are unregulated and continue to proliferate as security concerns remain a priority. A small price to pay for more security? Keep in mind that video footage of your deathly embarrassing moment in public may be distributed freely without any disclosure. Now, finding the path of least surveillance is a click away with iSee, a website by the Institute for Applied Autonomy, which plots your path through Manhattan around areas that have the least amount of CCTV surveillance.

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Fleischfilm : K.I.L.L. – Kinetic Image Laboratory/Lobotomy

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K.I.L.L. by Thorsten Fleisch | The voice repeats “Our power is boundless and our means are inexhaustible” (in German).

Noise Mapping : London

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Noise sucks, especially that omnipresent drone that goes unnoticed until you leave the city with ringing ears. Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has taken the first step in the Noise Mapping England project (part of the National Ambient Noise Strategy for England) with a road traffic noise map for London and plans to map all of England. (Don’t know any street names to launch the map? Try Trafalgar.)

Related: YourAir (London’s air pollution forecast)

360 degrees : Interactive Documentary on Crime

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Who is in prison and why? 360degrees documents and interactively presents a timeline and a series of stories from the life of prisons and those that are affected and involved in the system.

Air Pollution Forecasts

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YourAir offers daily forecast maps (detailed down to each street) for air pollution in the London area, something we should have now and are going to need in every major city in the near future. The pollutants are also mapped according to a health index and concentration levels for easy access. [pollution animation]

via WorldChanging | ESA

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Virtual Cities

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GeoSim (Israel) offers several services based on their capacity to efficiently digitize cities using proprietary hardware and software. The level of detail is insane! [flythrough 1] [flythrough 2]

via urban cartography | NYT

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Urban Underground Farming

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Using computer-controlled temperature and LEDs , an underground rice and vegetable farm called Pasona O2 in Tokyo hopes to have its first harvest this summer (2005).

via Pasta and Vinegar | Trends in Japan

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