David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

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The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection has over 11,000 maps online, all of which you can search and view through their insight browser. They also provide an online 2D and 3D GIS browser. In 2D, multiple historical maps from the collection can be overlayed with GIS vector data to reveal the history underlying the current landscape. Launch the TimeViewer for an animated sequence through the history of your selected maps. (The interface is slow, but we’ve all been spoiled with Google’s Maps and Ajax.) In 3D, historical maps warped by digital elevation models (DEMS) provide a fly-through environment in a virtual terrain of the past.

NTT DoCoMo's 'Keitai City' Design Competition

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NTT DoCoMo’s 1st Architectural Design Competition titled ‘Keitai City’ (which literally translates as ‘portable’ but is the common term for ‘cell phone’), questions the future of the city as cell phones become a part of the infrastructure to everyday life.

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Mapping Mannahatta : Manhattan circa 1609

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Landscape ecologist Eric Sanderson, of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) at New York’s Bronx Zoo, is recreating a virtual 1609 (Henry Hudson) landscape of Manhattan. The Mannahatta Project is collecting hundreds of years of animal and plant studies which are fed into a computer program for analysis to create layers of information of every species. Upon completion of the data analysis using GIS technology, the WCS plans to show New York’s ‘wild past’ through a coffee-table book with transparent overlays and computer simulations.

via Sciencentral (video clip)

Sprol : Badness via Satellite

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Sprol takes you on a tour of the ‘worst places in the world via satellite imagery’ with a mission ‘to use the powers of space imaging to show people the visual macroscopic effects of our decisions and behavior’. Urban sprawl, logging, and chemical spills are all devastating, but sometimes beautiful.

Reality Mining : Big Brother at MIT Media Lab

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Reality Mining, headed by Nathan Eagle at MIT Media Lab, captures communication, proximity, location, and phone activity information from 100 Bluetooth enabled Symbian Series 60 cell phones. The project aims to reveal the inner workings of social systems as patterns of micro-behavior, accompanied by surveys, are accurately recorded and visualized. Upon completion, the dataset which will exceed 60 years of individual behavior will be release to the public (anonymous version, of course).

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Virtualised Reality : Model a City in Hours

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Avideh Zakhor and her team at UC Berkley recently modeled downtown Berkeley in 4½ hours (26 minutes of driving plus 4 hours of data processing). By mounting lasers and digital cameras to virtually any vehicle, the truck or plane becomes a highly efficient large scale scanner. Initial usage of the device is aimed at military purposes using unmanned aircrafts in swarms to scan and model enemy territory. Zakhor is also developing a time based scanner resulting in a 4-dimensional model.

via New Scientist | wmmna

Papercrete : Recycling Paper into Concrete

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Living in Paper offers an extensive introduction into “papercrete”, an innovative construction material currently going through testing. The construction material’s performance has several advantages over concrete and uses recycled paper from just about any source as the aggregate.

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The High Line, NYC

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Keep it. . .

Friend of the High Line | More info and images

Social Explorer

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Interactively explore the US census 2000 data through Social Explorer. Select the type of data to be mapped and zoom in all the way to your street.

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Electronic Cities 101

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Electronic Cities offers a great introduction to the latest technologies that are changing the way we interact and appropriate spaces as we move towards an electronic city.