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BAKOKO at Pecha Kucha Tokyo

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BAKOKO Pecha Kucha Vol. 64 – SuperDeluxe, Tokyo from BAKOKO on Vimeo.

BAKOKO uses Generative Components. Does still crash every 5 minutes?

Interactive 360ยบ Light Field Display

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USC Institute for Creative Technologies presents (at SIGGRAPH 2007), a new low-cost autostereoscopic 3D display.

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Architorture is a documentary that captures five diverse students in a single studio at one university throughout the entirety of their thesis project.
Architorture. Architorture. Architorture. You just have to love it.

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Morpho Towers – Two Standing Spirals

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Morpho Towers – Two Standing Spirals” is an installation that consists of two ferrofluid sculptures that moves synthetically to music. The two spiral towers stand on a large plate that hold ferrofluid. When the music starts, the magnetic field around the tower is strengthened. Spikes of ferrofluid are born from the bottom plate and move up, trembling and rotating around the edge of the iron spiral. By Sachiko Kodama + Yasushi Miyajima

Metalosis Maligna

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Implants taking over bodies. Graft vs host.

Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow

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Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow (1963) is Daniel Wilson and Eva Schindling‘s intereactive kinetic sculpture, completed in 2006, at the Art & Technology masters program at the IT University.

The Inner Life of the Cell

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[xvivo press release]

More Ferrofluid

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Another Ferrofluid video by Sachiko Kodama