Daniel Rozin

December 17th, 2005 | Filed under: Design, Programming, Video | No Comments »

Daniel Rozin is still going at it with is deep exploration into all kinds of mirrors. Circless Mirror, his latest interactive piece, uses 900 motors each controlling a randomly selected gradient disc. [video]

Pimp My Model

December 8th, 2005 | Filed under: Architecture, Humor, Video | 2 Comments »

Pimp My Model @ Harvard GSD

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Polyp Oriented Modelling of Coral Growth

November 29th, 2005 | Filed under: Biology, Science, Video | No Comments »

VRML and animations of polyp oriented modeling of coral growth [article]

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Virtual Autopsy

November 29th, 2005 | Filed under: Health, Science, Technology, Video, Virtual Reality | 1 Comment »

During the past 18 months, radiologists in Sweden have performed more than 100 virtual autopsies on murder victims, according to Anders Ynnerman, a professor in the Department of Science and Technology at Linköpings University, who also works at the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) in Linköping. Ynnerman says evidence from virtual autopsies has been used to clarify the cause of death in several criminal trials in Sweden.

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The flight of a bee

November 28th, 2005 | Filed under: Biology, Mechanical Tech, Video | 1 Comment »

Michael Dickinson and his colleagues filmed hovering bees at 6000 frames per second, and plotted the unusual pattern of wing beats. The wing sweeps back in a 90˚ arc, then flips over as it returns – an incredible 230 times a second. The team made a robot to scale to measure the forces involved. [high speed video (5MB)] [robotic bee video (72MB)]
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Time-lapse video of Panama Canal locks

November 27th, 2005 | Filed under: Urbanism, Video | 2 Comments »

Time lapse video of Panama Canal Miraflores locks

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Animated Open Street Map

November 11th, 2005 | Filed under: Mapping, Urbanism, Video | 2 Comments »

OpenStreetMap has an animated time-lapse map of eCourier (a courier service in London) movement over a three day period. Watch London pulsate. [video]

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Virtual Augmented Plantlife

October 6th, 2005 | Filed under: Augmented, Video, Virtual Reality | 1 Comment »

1st Ave Machine‘s beautifully rendered augmented plant life in “Sixes Last” (music by Alias) [video]

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Arthur Ganson's Machines : Kinetic Sculpture

October 2nd, 2005 | Filed under: Design, Mechanical Tech, Science, Video | 2 Comments »

Arthur Ganson’s kinetic sculptures are extraordinarily intricate playful mechanisms, choreographed to move in a delightfully life-like manner while remaining incredibly precise. [video] [move videos]

Korsakow-System : Generative Film Editing + Viewing

August 27th, 2005 | Filed under: Internet, Programming, Video | No Comments »

The Korsakow-System, developed by Florian Thalhofer, is a graphic non-linear editing computer program for creating interactive films. Scenes are assigned, associated, and organized in a generative rule-based system, extending the editing process into the viewer’s chance encounters and choices. [Korsakow-System software download] [13terStock (a documentary made with K-S)]