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Flight404‘s latest Magneto-Sphere (built in Processing) combines metaballs, gravity, and a self organizing network of magnetic nodes to create a tantalizing organic display of attraction and repulsion. [video]

Cinepainting OÃ?O of Simon Goulet

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Simon Goulet’s art of Cinepainting, captured in O�O is like a hyperdimensional tar pit on acid. The film involved capturing 373 shots of catapulting paint (540 liters) at high speeds, one catapult at a time, which were then isolated and edited afterwards to created a hypnotic multi-layered composition. [preview] [gallery]

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Low Gravity Water Balloon Ruptures

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low gravity water balloon ruptures performed in a DC-9 [video] | slow motion water balloon ruptures in gravity [videos ]

NOVA : The Elegant Universe

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Watch all 3 hours of The Elegant Universe (online) as Brian Greene unravels the world of string theory in plain English.

Performance Relighting and Reflectance Transformation

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Performance Relighting and Reflectance Transformation with Time-Multiplexed Illumination is new a technique that allows lighting and reflectance of the captured subject to be dramatically modified in post-production to reconstruct different lighting environments or stylize the subjects lighting and reflectance. The method uses a high-speed video camera and a spherical array of LED light sources to create 152 lighting directions captured every 24th of a second. [video] [paper]

Super Slow Motion Video Collection

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Get ready to spend a couple hours browsing around Dr. David G. Alciatore‘s collection of 180+ Interesting High-speed (super slow motion) Video Clips.

FF favorites: Jello Cube Drop, Bee Flying, Bouncing Rubber Yo-Yo Ball, Bubbles, Ear Flick, Face Punch, Face Slaps, Exploding Bottles, Glass on Mouse Trap, Big Lip Flap, Water Balloon on Face, Toy Truck Destruction.

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Nanofactory Animation

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The long anticipated Nanofactory animation, titled “Productive Nanosystems: from Molecules to Superproducts” by Lizard Fire Studios with the support of Nanorex, is now version 1.0. [animation] [slide show]

Thanks, John!

Motion Theory + Beck

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Motion Theory
brings Al Jaffee’s classic fold-ins from Mad magazine to the streets of East LA.

Thanks, Pete!

Tim Prentice

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Tim Prentice is a kinetic sculptor based in CT with some amazingly dynamic pieces, capturing wind like you’ve never seen before. Check out his Carpet video.

Rubber Johnny

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Aphex Twin‘s Rubber Johnny with Chris Cunningham | sick. . . sick geniuses [official site]