Instant Scene Modeler

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MD Robotic‘s iSM (Instant Scene Modeler), consists of a stereoscopic camera and sophisticated software that is capable of quickly analyzing the captured images and understanding the 3-dimensional properties of the objects in the scene along with it’s position in space. The product is currently being marketed as a crime scene tool, where one could step into a crime scene and capture the scene as a 3-dimensional model, simply by waving the iSM device around and recording the scene as you would a video camera. Future applications of the device seem promising, as it achieves greater accuracy and resolution. I can see the device become as ubiquitous as the desktop scanner. This small device is a huge breakthrough from the comparatively enormous laser scanning techniques used to capture the spaces in the Theban Mapping Project.

Minority Report-Style Displays

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Fraunhofer HHI has a new 2-D /3-D display system showing at ceBIT 2005. The solution provides drag & drop operations between the holographic display and the 2-D display, allowing the user to grab objects and examine them closely in 3-D. Another display intended for showroom kiosks, Free2C, also by HHI uses a camera to track a single viewer’s movement and projects separate channels of video to each eye to create a 3-D display.

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God's View : World Wind 1.3 Release

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NASA‘s amazingly rich (& free) 3d earth viewer, World Wind (latest release) allows a detailed exploration through multiple global datasets such as temperature, satellite imagery, and even 3-dimensional models of Earth’s greatest features. Zoom in & out, fly around, find your rooftop, monitor global warming, or make your own Powers of Ten.(The file size is 171MB, but they do offer a bittorrent link.)

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Beyond Augmented Reality

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AR (augmented reality) interfaces have come a long way. Virtual placement of 3-dimensional models have become extremely accurate and we starting to see consumer devices with immersive augmented reality like D’Fusion. HITlab NewZealand and US (Human Interfaces Technology) have a series of projects demonstrating some of the latest developments such as tangible virtual objects, GPS, outdoor AR, multiple dataset browsing, gestures and shared AR, all bringing us closer to the day when we’ll walk around playing Grand Theft Auto in the streets, wearing giant goggles or perhaps an AR PDA will do the job.

Watch the videos of some the HITlab projects.

Check out D’Fusion Technology via Gear Live

Markerless AR tracking video.
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Gesture controled 3D display

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Researchers from the University of Toronto have put together a system that allows for direct gestural interaction with virtual objects contained in a volumetric display.

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